Thursday, May 19, 2011


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गणेश मंत्र

॥ ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः॥
Om Sri Ganeshya Namah

॥ ॐ गं गणपतये नमो नमः॥
॥ श्री सिद्धिविनायक नमो नमः॥
॥ अष्टविनायक नमो नमः॥
॥ गणपति बाप्पा मोरया॥

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Primer of Sri Ganesh
© Munindra Misra, rights reserved

Lord Ganesh, the elder son of Lord Shiv, the God of Knowledge be,
Also called Vinayak or Vighneshwer removes obstacles graciously,
He is revertly worshipped at the start of any auspicious ceremony,
For blessings, eliminating difficulties, good fortunate - with sincereity.

He has four hands, an elephant's head and a big loving pot belly,
In his hands he has a rope to carry to the truth all his devotees,
An axe to cut attachments, a laddoo to reward for spiritual activity,
His fourth hand's palm is extended to bless his sincere devotees.

His elephant-like head and quick moving mouse his vehicle tiny,
Represents awesome wisdom, intellegence, presence of mind fully,
The principal known scriptures dedicated to Lord Ganesh surely,
The Ganesh Puran, Mudgala Puran and Ganapati Atharvashirsa be.


Munindra's quotes

"May the sunshine ever greet you
and sorrows flow away,
May the knowledge flow within you
and darkness fade away."— Munindra Misra