Tuesday, May 3, 2011


वक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ।
निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा॥
“Lord Ganesh of curved elephant trunk and huge body,
Whose brilliance is equal to billions of suns in intensity,
Always removes all obstacles from my endeavours truly,
I respectfully pray to him with all my revered sincerity.”

गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजंबूफलचारुभक्षणम्‌।
उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारकं नमामि विघ्नेश्वरपादपङ्कजम्‌॥
“Elephant headed Ganesh with his band of followers be,
Who eats his wood-apple and rose-apple fruits lovingly,
Who is Goddess Uma’s son and sorrow’s destruction surely,
And I salute to his feet which are like a blooming lotus truly.”

सुमुखश्चैकदंतश्च कपिलो गजकर्णकः।
लम्बोदरश्च विकटो विघ्ननाशो गणाधिपः॥
धूम्रकेतुर्गणाध्यक्षो भालचन्द्रो गजाननः।
द्वादशैतानि नामानि यः पठेच्छृणुयादपि॥
विद्यारंभे विवाहे च प्रवेशे निर्गमे तथा।
संग्रामे संकटे चैव विघ्नस्तस्य न जायते॥
Who read or listen to these twelve names of Ganesh lovingly,
No obstacles will come at the beginning of education surely,
Nor at time of marriage, nor entering or exiting anything justly,
Ever triumphant during a battle or calamity succeeding easily.

शुक्लाम्बरधरं देवं शशिवर्णं चतुर्भुजम्।
प्रसन्नवदनं ध्यायेत् सर्वविघ्नोपशान्तये॥
“To remove all obstacles in any or every walk of life simply,
One should meditate on Lord Ganesh ever affectionately,
Wearing a white garment, having moon like complexion certainly,
Having four arms and a pleasant countenance about him surely.”

मूषिकवाहन् मोदकहस्त चामरकर्ण विलम्बित सूत्र।
वामनरूप महेश्वरपुत्र विघ्नविनायक पाद नमस्ते॥
“Ganesh’s vehicle is mouse and in his hand sweet rice ball fondly,
His ears as wide fans, with sacred thread on his shoulders warmly,
He Shiv’s son who is short statured and removes all obstacles fully,
To Vinayaka, in reverence I bow at your feet with all my sincerity.”

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